About Annabell Satterfield

I am passionate about applying the latest user growth and acquisition techniques and frameworks to grow and engage users in software and internet companies.

A little bit about my background: I have an MBA in Marketing and Technology Management from Cornell University.  I held a strategic marketing role at a healthcare technology company where I used primary and secondary market research data to prioritize the company’s product pipeline.  I was a consumer marketing manager for Yahoo! Search and for Y!’s Launch and Growth team, which was a small agile team that supported Yahoo!’s key launches like the Yahoo!-branded Internet Explorer browser, Livestand, and Yahoo! Mail Beta.  While in Search Marketing, part of my role was to head up our most technically-challenging programs, and to test and evaluate new ad concepts and new ad partners.  I also managed about a dozen internal and external partners including 3rd-party creative agencies, potential advertising partners, Yahoo! product teams, functional marketing teams, and co-marketing partners.  In my role as business manager for the Yahoo! Search products team, I worked cross-functionally with 300+ engineers, PM leads, and program managers to deliver the product roadmaps for Search.  After that project, I took on a role in Yahoo!’s product strategy team, where I studied internal and external data to identify opportunities for new products and new features- with a focus on mobile.

I now work with a fantastic team at BitTorrent in the role of Product Manager for Growth on BitTorrent’s suite of mobile torrenting products and experiences.  I was fortunate to have joined BitTorrent at first launch of the uTorrent and BitTorrent Android apps in 2012, and have been able to see– through the development and optimization of organic (read: zero-cost) funnels, µTorrent for Android became the only torrent app to reach five million installs in Google Play– in just over four months post-launch.  Two years later, we are about to hit our 100 millionth install.  µTorrent for Android is currently in the top 5 free Media and Video apps in 20 countries in Google Play, and listed among the top 10 in 40 countries (as of February, 2015).

Beyond acquisition, I work on increasing engagement and retention through optimization of the apps’ first-use experiences (FUE) and by prompting and measuring the impact of additional onboarding and CTAs further in the user flow to help our users unlock our apps’ core value and stay engaged.  I also work on monetization strategy– with µTorrent for Android reaching the top 5 grossing apps in its category in 46 countries.  I look forward to coming in to work each day to try new things and get “energized” by my small but passionate team of engineers, two designers, a wonderful data analyst and my fellow PM on mobile.

Rational Ignorance is defined as the rational decision to be uninformed on issues because the perceived marginal benefit of becoming informed is less than the perceived marginal cost.  Most product issues are rooted in perceived rational ignorance during the product planning phase of new product development.  Whether it’s poor execution due to lack of complete PRDs or poor sales due to incorrect targeting and positioning, a lot of PMs and PMMs fail at this critical juncture in this phase– usually because of incomplete knowledge or perceived rational ignorance and the push to execute quickly.

While rational ignorance may be the way to go  in a few cases (i.e. say choosing to run away from a bomb that’s about to go off rather than looking for it to diffuse it)– I believe that it pays to be as well informed as possible.  No experience or knowledge gained ever goes to waste.

Thanks for reading!

Annabell Satterfield

Email: annabellsatterfield@yahoo.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/asatterfield
Twitter: https://twitter.com/als355
Rebelmouse profile: http://bit.ly/METzIG



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